What is the best technology for laser hair removal?

Pure Lux uses a dual wavelength true grade four laser to maximize results. Using a 1064 ND:Yag and a 755 Alexandrite, Pure Lux is proud to offer a laser that is effective on all skin types Fitzpatrick 1-6. With the newest model, our laser is faster and stronger than any other laser in the twin-cities. 

Pure Lux Medspa prides its self by enhancing patient comfort and satisfaction in two ways. Our laser is touch-less which allows your technician to see the area treated for thorough results in hard to reach places and secondly we use an air-cooling system throughout your session to eliminate discomfort. 

The biggest question that we get, when it comes to technology is the difference between and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) / BBL (Broad Band Light) compared to a true grade four laser. The best way we can explain is by theoretically putting you into a dark room and playing with light.

So here we go.

Put yourself in a dark room. In one hand you have a flashlight, in the other hand you have a laser pointer (the kind cats like) . You turn the flashlight on and shine it on the wall. While there is a focal point of light on the wall, there is also light illuminated throughout the entire room. In a dark room with just the laser pointer, the only speck of light is the red dot. In the world of laser, light = energy. Both devices emit energy, but the flash light energy is bouncing around the entire room and the red dot has one focal point. That one focal point is transmitting 100% of the energy into your hair follicle. An IPL/BBP/LIGHT Laser gets about 70% of energy into the hair follicle and 30% gets lost in the room.

So when you are doing research of how to find the best laser for hair removal, stay away from names that have the word LIGHT, and instead ask for a grade 4 laser.

Vanessa BrooksComment