Sweat Lodge Specialist

The latest twist in sweat lodges puts you on a comfy bed with a cool glass of water at your side and a television to watch as you sweat away impurities. Spending time in a sweat lodge elevates your mood and results in brighter, healthier skin. The team at Pure Lux in Edina, Minnesota encourages you to schedule an opportunity to experience the benefits of a sweat lodge or sauna with modern amenities. Call or schedule an appointment online.

Sweat Lodge Q & A

Pure Lux

What is a modern sweat lodge?

Pure Lux uses a specially designed system that takes advantage of infrared energy to heat your body rather than the whole room. With our system, you’ll change into comfortable clothing and slip into what looks like a high-tech sleeping bag on top of a padded, reclining table.  

The “sleeping bag” heats up and you begin to sweat in response. The sessions last about an hour. It’s an intense experience that relaxes and energizes at the same time. Participants are encouraged to take advantage of the time to de-stress and leave behind the hectic routine of modern life by watching television, listening to music, or simply lying back and enjoying the warmth.  

How is a modern sweat lodge beneficial to my skin health?

Your daily routines leave behind a residue of old makeup, pollutants, and other minute particles that land on the skin’s surface. A shower does little to remove the impurities that have found their way into the deeper recesses of your pores. 

Sweating opens your pores and flushes these impurities away from the inside out, leaving your skin glowing and vibrant. Regular use of a modern sweat lodge can improve the overall clarity and tone of your skin and reduce many of the impacts of the aging process.  

Are there other benefits?

Other advantages of modern sweat lodges include:

  • Increased nutrient-rich blood circulation that provides extra nourishment to the skin
  • Improved muscle relaxation and decreased stress
  • Natural detoxification process that eliminates waste byproducts left behind by routine cellular function throughout our body
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Cardiovascular workout as your heart rate speeds up in response to the increased temperature, which may lead to weight loss

Is it safe?

The modern sweat lodge operates on principals that have been in use for centuries in saunas. It’s imperative to remain well-hydrated before, during, and after the experience. Individuals with certain heart or immunologic conditions may not be the best candidates for a modern sweat lodge session. 

The professionals at Pure Lux will discuss your health history in detail before scheduling a session for you. They’re also available for a free consultation regarding this or any of the services offered at their facility.